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very attractive figures!
(Bella Nolan, 30 September 2016, Portfolio Phylak Terre)
amazing paintings, really very very nice!
(Angel_777, 30 September 2016, Portfolio Anastasia Russa)
thank you for nice gallery!
i admire your artworks, always visit your gallery ...
(alemmetris, 21 September 2016, Portfolio Sinyavsky Dimitri)
votre galerie est également riche. Bravo!
(Braemen , 21 September 2016, Portfolio Galerie Théoule)
i admire your works!
your landscapes are amazing, it is like dive into ...
(Lisa M., 19 September 2016, Portfolio Charly Lesquelin)
very tender, i love it
i admire your gallery, super!
(Nina Jackson, 17 September 2016, Portfolio Modestas Mykolaitis)
i am in love with your portfolio :) awesome!
(Bonny, 13 September 2016, Portfolio Scott Rorive)
very beautiful style, your gallery is amazing
(Lora, 13 September 2016, Portfolio Francois-Xavier Lepont)
i like your artworks so soo much, go on!
(Alison R., 13 September 2016, Portfolio Valentinas Yla)
The Tower
Hi Maggie, no foggiest idea. I take you assume I s...
(Lesley Logue, 1 August 2016, Portfolio Malgorzata Drozdz)
Hi Lesley
Hi Lesley, I love Woody Allen and time travel conc...
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 31 July 2016, Portfolio Malgorzata Drozdz)
Hi Crystel
Hi, Crystel. Many thanks indeed for your comments,...
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 31 July 2016, Portfolio Malgorzata Drozdz)
Hi Maggie, I absolutely agree with Crystel. This i...
(Lesley Logue, UEL, 29 July 2016, Portfolio Malgorzata Drozdz)
Hello Malgorzata. Well done really, the Aéroposatl...
(Crystel Pinçonnat, 28 July 2016, Portfolio Malgorzata Drozdz)
beautiful gallery, i love it
(Bella, 25 July 2016, Portfolio Jean Mithieux)
i like your gallery so much, go on
(Bob G., 21 July 2016, Portfolio Alexey Grishankov)
Please let me meet Yanni...
Dear mrs. Caron, My name is Jubille Jacer and ...
(Jubille, 18 July 2016, Portfolio Diane Caron)
you are great! <3
(Nikky, 12 July 2016, Portfolio Louis-François Alarie)
just wanted to say, that i like this gallery so mu...
(Jameson, 12 July 2016, Portfolio Aurore Dirand)
just gorgeous
wow, you are so talented...your gallery is charmin...
(Liana, 12 July 2016, Portfolio Sinyavsky Dimitri)
Hello Crystel
Hello Crystel Many thanks for your kind appreciati...
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 6 July 2016, Portfolio Malgorzata Drozdz)
bright and beautiful, i like your paintings and wa...
(Robert G., 5 July 2016, Portfolio Davileine Borrego-Artdavita)
i like your models, nice work!
(Maggy Br., 5 July 2016, Portfolio Louis-François Alarie)
i like your gallery, dear, you do good work!
(Molly, 5 July 2016, Portfolio Dipti Kekre)
Well done
Hello Malgorzata, interesting combination of works...
(Crystel Pinçonnat, 3 July 2016, Portfolio Malgorzata Drozdz)
bonjour Je viens de recevoir a l'instant même sur...
(Chikh Bled , 7 aout 2016, Portfolio Ghislaine Vancaneghem)